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     T.S.Teo & Shah
Last update:
28th April 2010

How do we make the furniture and wooden components in our factories?
Firstly the green rubberwood timber which we source from around Malaysia will be send into one of the timber treatment machine. This is to ensure that no worms will claw out of your furniture after you buy them. It will deter terminates from eating the wood as preservatives chemical is vacuum into it. 
Before the drying process, we will compile a sort of wet wood sticker with one foot distance. To ensure that the wood will dry processed together. after the drying process, we will open the bundle just to remove the sticker and restructure and are ready to be taken.
  We also provide warehouse roof to keep dry and wet wood with a capacity of more than 600tons.
The wood moisture content is being check by our klin dry staff after 3 to 4 weeks.  It is recommended that moisture content should be about 8 to 10 after klin dry. As we know that huminity for Malaysia is very high thus all timber will be check again before sending to next wood-working process..   
  Then the wood will be sorted out and stake for klin-drying in one of our 14 steam chambers which can load about 35 to 50 tons of rubberwood each. On average it takes 3 to 4 weeks for the wood to be completely dry.  
The back-knife machines are good at doing large volume of round pieces. The profile cutters  ensure that the pieces  profile will not be out. 
All shorter length timber will be joint together to increase recovery of timber and more eco-friendly perhaps.
CNC machine to produce more accurate  panels product like tables top, chair seat board, etc.
Good polishing is essential for beautiful finish result of wood piece.
This machine is called laminated. It measures 8'ft to 10'ft long. it also can make the table top, door, top panel, plywood and others.
  We have 4 copy lathe machines which can make about 50,000 pcs of tables and chairs legs in a month. This machines are best for doing the curly profile legs.
boring machine (hole). This machine makes holes in wood, such as for foot table, chairs and door panels. 
  Welt Belt (sanding machine) uses this machine is to smooth the rough wood surfaces such as table top, top panels, doors and so on.

                                                                                                       Next the timber will be sorted out and trim to the necessarily lengths usually about 40 % of the timber will be rejected at this process. On your right is picture of  workers moulding S4S timber which is essential for all precise wood-working.




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